1. I loved this video, as an English teacher I always encourage children to be good students and try to understand them, some of them are difficult o very difficult; this teacher gave me a good idea and she treated the subject with a very good sense of humour.
    Thank you for posting it. Mª Jose. 🙂

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  2. If you don´t want the subtitles just click in subtitles, then you will the see the list of languages and in the first term there is an option, subtitles off.

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  3. waoo I was very impressed in such a good way watching this video. Its absolutely true all what she said and also the way teachers are being influence in every student to make them love the subject or hate it. It happened to me when I was very young at school with my latin teacher was so rude and unfriendly and I hated latin for the rest of my life. So of course is really important to teach them in the best way and also to make them realise that every student is important and to be powerful to live a good life in the future if they have self-confident and don´t underestimate themselves. Thanks for the video!!

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