Handouts (Sept-Dec)


Handouts I’ll give out in class:

  • C1 Course Overview for September & October (BegCourseC12016, 1 word page) + Maximizing Your Learning Time (1 blog page)
  • Course Basics & Materials (2 blog pages)
  • Diagnosis: Reading & Listening Tests (Sept. 2016 NA PUC, B2) – on the day we do the Listening Test in class, for self-assessment.
  • The Feminist Workshops: plastified copies for use in class. If you want your own copy, you can print it on Blog para profes feministas – En clase.
  • October: 2 handouts on collocations. Spares on bulletin board.
  • November: 2 more.
  • For December: Women in Black Belgrade brochure “Solidarity.”

YOU need to print these & bring to class when scheduled or when we agree to hold that session:

  • A weekly learning timetable (no template of mine) – to plan ahead and then update at the end of the learning week. Then file for me later on.
  • The Templates for Logs: Listening & Speaking Logs + the Timed Monolog(ue)s Log (see C1 Evaluation here and download)
  • The script of Friends 1×1 (don’t read, so you can practice understanding English and note-taking first, OK? Then we’ll read it together for language questions, and finally we’ll do a Dramatized Reading, so the more times you watch the episode without reading it, the better for your English!)
  • The working-on-gender-issues handout (1 pdf page) – given out on Nov 7
  • The Workshop_RationalDiscussions (5 pdf pages) – you can read it first, if you like.
  • The C1 Resource Pack (fichas) – We’ll be publishing it further on this year in cards and in a box, but in these first months I will upload a pilot version for you to print in paper in a print shop or something, or for you to read online. I will appreciate you tell me what you think before sending it in for publication.

Blog Pages we’ll read out in class:

Blog Pages for you to read at home as soon as you can + You can then ask in class (please, let us know if you haven’t read them – I’ll be asking every day to help you make progress!):

Pages for you to browse when we get to that, and then ask questions: