What helps & doesn’t in learning

Being punctual helps.

Designing your weekly timetable to see how you can fit in different uses of English throughtout the day helps.

Listening to English every day and telling us about what you learned helps.

If you are not punctual, walking in and looking at the whiteboard, to copy the lesson plan, and try to see where we are, BEFORE INTERRUMPING A CLASSMATE helps.

And if instead of whispering to a classmate, you put up your hand and ask the teacher, that helps. Because we are all a team, and it’s best we all do the same things at the same time, when that is appropriate.

It helps if you listen to whoever is speaking to plenary, i.e., your classmates and the teacher.

Listen to the teacher when she explains or answers questions, even if you are not interested. It’s disruptive, unpolite and loveless to spend the time the teacher is answering questions or explaining talking to a classmate. There are more cons to this: these people simply miss what’s being said.

Following the course blog helps everybody, so get acquainted with it asap. Missing lessons and not checking out the blog is unhelpful for everybody.

You can follow the course even if you miss a lesson here and there, if you are willing to follow the course and use its online support. Some people may come every day to class, and not be following the course, because they just come to class and don’t learn anything any day. If you see someone in this situation, try to help him or her out of it.

Sharing your world helps.

Group work helps, provided you don’t use materials in Spanish. Avoiding translation helps very much (to learn English, to learn to think in English), especially if you make transfer mistakes and have fossilized mistakes below the level. You need to listen to English for many hours this year, then!

Learning depends on three founding stones: your work on your own, the support the teacher gives you, and the group dynamics in class. The three are equally important. The better group dynamics you manage to create, the better everything else will be.