Wkshps & Projects (Updated April 4)

Updated April 4

This does not offer a view of all we did. For that, we have the posts on this blog (Diary & Lesson Plans). This is just a general overview of some projects and workshops, I think! Feel free to help improve it!

Post your comments and questions!

The Feminist Workshops (crosscurricular, but focused at beg. of course: October-December)

  • Reading We Should All Be Feminists, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Small Group Discussions around 1. Feminist ideas, 2. What Patriarchal Ideology Has Said about Women (learning where we come from, culturally speaking)
  • Creating materials to celebrate women’s work: posters, feminist T-shirts, videos, stickers…
  • Oral Presentations
  • Writing Assignments: minisagas, other

The Writing Workshops & Projects (all year through)

  • See your C1 Resource Pack for workshops on story-telling and writing argumentative texts, and make proposals in class
  • Monthly writing of minisagas to learn to tells stories and get practice on writing and time and word limits
  • Monthly writing Assignment with the Before-During-After work (see Writing File)
  • See also Writing Test Workshops (April)

The Speaking Projects – Individual (all year through; February was for Reading Project OPs in teams)

  • Spontaneous communication in class plenaries and small groups, reporting, giving instructions, opinions, refuting / disagreeing…
  • OPs (Oral Presentations). Never spontaneous, so you can work and learn more: based on our listening work mostly, see Speaking File for your monthly work on monologues in the Speaking Test format. Book reviews, telling anecdotes, developing topics, sharing life experiences…

The Reading & Listening Projects (all year through)

The Designing Exams Workshops (March)

The Language* Workshops (April)

  • Collocations and register (beginning of course, and in Writing Tests Workshops in April)
  • Sharing LoM’s (pronunciation, morphology, syntax, vocabulary, textual matters, methodology) (all year through; latest: Writing Test workshops)
    • After you get your monthly assignments back, we will hold sessions on LoMs
    • On the blog, I will post feedback for your LoMs. Use other people’s, too.
  • Sharing lists of UL (by language function, topic area, kind of word…) (Beg. of course, all year through)
  • Word-formation and Lexical Creativity (April)

*Language: grammar and discourse

The Amazing Human Mind (non-sexist neuroscience) (December)

  • Viewing documentaries: on the development of human intelligence from 0-2; on how to improve our intelligence and creativity: Did we watch Baby Human in the end? Or Redesign My Brain?
  • and doing listening activities or holding discussions (didn’t do it in the end, wonder if for May)
  • Learning about Cordelia Fine’s analysis denouncing neurosexism

The Internet/Technology Workshops

  • Language & Definitions
  • Social Networks
  • Copyright and Knowledge Societies
  • Crowdfunding (pending)
  • Video Tutorials on How-to’s

The Social Change Workshops – replaced with Learning about Human Rights and people that defend them (HR Declaration & video Project; Women in Black, Greenham Women, PBI, Amnesty International) and replaced with Story of Stuff (capitalism, consumerism, sustainable development, social struggle, democracy, people making a difference)

  • Learning about social action these days: Arab springs, 15M/Occupy Movement, Iceland, Greece… (I need to contact a woman from Iceland to ask her if she would come to class!)
  • This will involve learning to speak about social activism, economy, human rights, housing rights, employment, crises, the construction of democracy, surveillance…

The Evaluation Questionnaire project?