Our Work 1 (Sept-Dec 2016)

This page is bound to be edited zillions of times, and you are welcome to help.

September – see September posts (use the widget on the right-hand column to find things by month)

  • In class, people introduced themselves and learned/learnt about others
  • online: People registered as Authors on this blog
  • online: People got the pilot pdf copy of the C1 Resource Pack
  • In class / At home: People started getting acquainted with the methodology we’ll follow in this course
  • shopping: People set off to find a copy of Ngozi’s essays to read in class
  • online: People started browsing the C1 Materials blog to see what books they would be interested in reading
  • diagnosis (teacher): gathering info on people’s English based on their Speaking
  • Focus: Understanding Language Learning (using lists of UL, functional translation) & How to use weekly learning plans, listening and reading logs.


  • diagnosis (indiv. + together): Reading and Listening (B2)
  • diagnosis (teacher): writing (mini sagas, beg. month)
  • Focus: back to previous (plans, logs, UL) +
  • Focus: How to work on Mons (OP by Lucía)
  • Focus: How to work on Writing Assignments (OP by M.)
  • Using LoMs (throughout the month)
  • The Feminist Workshops: listening to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Same: reading essay We Should All Be Feminists
  • Working with TV series: Dramatized Reading of Friends
  • The Feminist Workshops: discussion in class (small groups, plenary): analyzing/analysing feminist ideas and what patriarchal History has said about women in previous centuries.
  • October Writing Assignment: Story of My Life in the 3rd Person
  • Collocations: Social English and …
  • Minisagas


  • Planning November
  • Focus on timed speaking practice: OPs + feedback on language, structure, communication matters
  • Learning to work with our LoMs
  • Learning to work with outlines
  • Learning about Language Change
  • Romina’s video on How to Set Up a Business
  • Language Questions: Focus on Modals, Miscellanea depending on LoM’s
  • Textual Matters: Outlines, Transitions, Language Range
  • The Ngozi Page: minisagas, book reviews, reasoned opinions, why am I a woman/man?
  • 1-min listening: Pluto demoded
  • Useful Language Project
  • Descriptions – a Writing Project
  • November Writing Assignment: Reasoned Opinions
  • Story of Stuff: 2 viewings, individual and teamwork speaking projects + Podcast audio + Reading
  • Collocations: positive and negative feelings
  • CDay: LoMs and Reading Out Your Work (Stories)
  • Friends 2×1: Dramatized reading
  • Minisagas

December – lessons plans

  • Organizing the Reading Project
  • Watching To Belong (Baby Human. Geniuses in Diapers) + Gapped listening activity
  • CDay: reasoned Opinions and descriptions
  • Human Rights & Letter-writing (Dec Writing Assignment)
  • Workshop on Rational Discussions (?)
  • Poem learned by ear by heart: videos (?)
  • Minisagas

For the winter hols

  • Collocations
  • Listening to English every day: news, radio programs, TV series, movies, documentaries – listening log. Collect UL, Listen and repeat
  • Reading project