* Maximizing Your Learning Time

Since adults’ lives are complicated, it is likely you will not manage enough time for this course if you don’t organize your learning time.

  • For this, you need to understand practical motivation is not strong enough to help you make the most of your time: you need to enjoy your use of English, to learn to love spending time with the language.
  • Plus this: you need to learn some skills and develop some habits:
  1. Learn to do your weekly learning plan once a week, in 5-10 minutes.
    Download sample Template (under construction)
    Download sample Listening Log (under construction)
  2. Learn to use the course blog and website, and follow the course diary.
    Please, don’t tell me the blog is overwhelming or disorganized if you haven’t spent time getting acquainted with it, learning how it’s organized & how you should use it.
  3. Listen to English every day, learning to exploit those audios in different ways, for different purposes, connecting that work to work with the other skills, mainly speaking, but also reading and writing.
  4.  a. learning to work on your monologues at home.
    b. learning to work on your monthly writing assignment at home.

Last, if you miss a lesson, you should make sure you read the diary before coming to class another day. Remember this course blog is here to help people when they can’t make it to class. (Even though this is done beyond teachers’ work time.)