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“I make grammar mistakes when I speak English…”

In this video, you’ll discover the three simple steps to learning English grammar so you use it correctly and automatically, and become a confident English speaker faster. 🙂

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5 Phrasal verbs to impress your teachers

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About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog

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Many of my students worry about phrasal verbs, and I have written several posts about them, including a basic introduction to the what they are and how they are used and a more recent post on phrasal verbs for everyday actions.

One of the most common complaints is that there are simply so many of them, and that they are difficult to remember, especially when the main verb is a very common one such as take or set. In this post, therefore, I have selected just 5 phrasal verbs. All of them are extremely common, and all of them can be used in a wide variety of contexts. If you learn just these 5, you will be able to use them in your writing and impress your teachers.

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The history of love by Nicole Krauss

Bruno, my old faithful. Is it enough to say he is indescribable? The soft down of your white hair lightly playing above your scalp like a half-blown dandelion. I should begin with your height,which is very short. On a good day you barely reach my chest. Or shall I start with the eyeglasses you fished out of a box and claimed as your own, enormous round things that magnify your eyes.

Minisaga. My dearest daughter

On the day you were born I realised that the sparkle in your eyes was my guiding light and your smile my life’s purpose. I love you, you motivated me to be an awesome mum. With you around, I am never sad. Never stop believing in yourself.



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Hurricane Matthew Lashing the Bahamas


65 ° Washington, DC

Hurricane Matthew Lashing the Bahamas
Posted: Oct 6 2016 12:00 PM EDT
Updated: Oct 6 2016 01:39 PM EDT
Meteorologist Danielle Banks gives us the latest update as Hurricane Matthew moves through the Bahamas and towards the U.S.