Author: c1sonia


A Prisoner of Birth (Jeffrey Archer):

“A moment later, a tall man, not much older than Danny, dressed in a blue pinstriped suit, white shirt and mauve tie, entered the courtroom. How different he looked from when they’d first met.”


“Our absorbent towels dry you quickly and comfortably, while our bath mats keep your feet away from the cold, hard floor. You’re worth a bit of pampering, especially in the bathroom. These soft, everyday treats come in different sizes and colours so you can pick something comfortable and stylish for yourself and your bathroom”.


“Mellieha Bay is a low-key place perched on the north coast of Malta. The sleepy old town sits up on the hill and comes with a smattering of churches, restaurants and shops — not to mention a great coastal view. And at the bottom of the road is the piece de resistance — a lovely sandy beach, one of just a few of the island”.