Who owns your data?

Hi everyone!!! I would like to share with all of you a video I found on Youtube today about our online data. I think it’s really interesting to know this issue, that’s becoming a real one, better. Moreover, it has useful vocabulary and expressions about internet, digital world, digital data, big companies, apps, cookies…

Hope you enjoy it!!!!


  1. María José! We should use this video and the text you posted in class next week or the following, OK? We could hold a class discussion! Thanks so much for sharing this! ❤

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  2. Language tips:
    It’s not “know”, it’s “learn”, here: to know this issue
    Then I don’t understand what this means: that’s becoming a real one, better.
    See you!

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  3. Maybe I made a mistake. Let me change it: I think it’s really interesting to know this issue better, which is becoming a real one (in the sense of a real problem, an important one, a big one). Is it better now? Does learn collocate with better?

    Thank you so much for the feedback!!


  4. Let’s see, two questions here:

    1) Why do you think, “I think it’s really interesting to LEARN (more) ABOUT this issue” doesn’t mean what you wanted to say?

    2) “which is becoming a real one” cannot be understood as you mean it, but you can fix it including the word you had in mind: “I think it’s really interesting to LEARN MORE ABOUT this issue, because it’s becoming a real PROBLEM”.

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  5. Great! I’m happy we managed to find the way.

    This is just in case:
    (About question 1, perhaps you did not answer because it's simply you forgot or something? If you have a reason for doubting "learn about" vs "know", I'm interested, OK?)

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  6. Sorry for the former comment, I don’t know where I pressed but it was published before me finishing it (is this expression correct?, I’m not sure).

    Now the comment I wanted to be published: No Michelle, it’s ok. I think I just translated word by word from Spanish into English, I mean, I din’t do it in a functional way. But now I’m clear with it: learn more has the sense of the Spanish “know more”.

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  7. What an interesting topic!! Well Im having problems on YouTube about uploading my videos for the Copyright and Im wondering sometimes..Do I give up my ownership rights?. Everytime one of my videos are published Im receiving an email from them complaining for the copyright or saying that my video is locked in many countries 😦


  8. Lucía the problem you have with your videos in Youtube is because of the copyright of the music on your videos probably. If you don’t want to have those problems, you have to use a music with a Creative Commons license (you can use the music mentioning the resource).

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  9. ABOUT “LEARN about”. Yes, not only that, it’s not because of the “more” only. It’s that oftentimes Spanish people misuse “know” and it’s “learn”. So here is an area for your observation. Like when we say “I’m learning language to travel places, learn about different cultures and lifestyles”… We don’t say “know” that often or use it in that way, OK?
    I’m using this chance to comment this common mistake because I miss lessons where students bring the mistakes they made so we can comment together! A teacher is a teacher is a teacher… hahahaha… See you!

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