L / R : Stories

Listening / Reading: Stories

Here is an example of how to work on language learning and also of how to exploit the learning effort to improve in different skills, by connecting them (integrating skills).

On the TP Podcast there is a segment called “Stories” which I started as a way to help learners improve their reading skills. The idea was first listen, and listen, then listen and take notes on useful language and/or read the transcript, perhaps taking notes on intonation or pronunciation, finally you read, imitating the music, the pronunciation. Tonight as I rescued old stuff from an elearning platform I used to have, I found an example of how you can work further on these stories.

So here is the example:

Listening to “Dishwashers” — the link to the transcript is there.

Then, here are two Word pages with language work: dishwasherslanguagenotes (2 Word pages)

As follow-up, I also looked for language for giving instructions on how to use a dishwasher, to learn everyday language which is hard to find in textbooks!

Wiki How – How to Load a Dishwasher

If anyone does any of this, I’d be interested in knowing how long things took you! ūüôā ‚̧

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