1. Great last day, we have classes until the last minute ( laughing) and we didn´t know how to manage and stop the classes, we had to go twice to arrange a new time for delivering the present…….( laughing ); one more time, thank you Michelle.

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  2. hahahah 😀 ❤ True! That's why you asked about the end of the lesson! Hahahah… And well, I was focused on allowing everybody do their speaking test practice, so they could understand how it worked from a first-hand experience! (in spite of being sad about not having time to read the stories, which I chose for everybody!) Poor you all! Then there was some tension! 😀 Anyway, it all turned out as we managed it, and it was wonderful! ❤

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  3. Oh, thanks! ❤ It's been wonderful because we kept such good company! Amazing people have an impact on their community, and you are one of them! I also hope to see you around in the DIF Working Group. We're bound to do exciting work together! Change the world! And help boys and girls set their identity free of the patriarchal model! 🙂 ❤ Big hug!


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