C1 Eval. & Docs

During the course we will assess all kinds of things on a daily basis, because we use Evaluación continua, which implies self-assessment, peer assessment, teacher’s feedback and corrections… To help with this, some of the materials you need to use are the following:

Monthly check in class towards end of month: your LoM’s, a monthly summary or report on your progess with mistakes.

listening-log-c1: 1 Word page. Download the template, delete the example, and print a few copies, so you can fill it out/in every day. Básico 1 students listen to 30 minutes minimum every day. C1 students are expected to have listened to English for at least 2 hours at the end of the day.

Speaking File. This is your Monologue Learning Sheet, a copy of which you should hand in at the end of the month: monlearningsheet (1 word page) calendarioescolar_speakingfile (2 word pages)

Writing File. You will hand in a monthly written assignment. This has a deadline that needs to be respected, and the writing assignment needs to be worked on in a few sittings, following a procedure.

At the end of every month, or at the end of November and the end of February, you need to hand in your Record of Work outside the classroom: listening logs, reading logs, speaking file log, writings you handed in, weekly learning plans. See Learning This Year.

Certificate Tests, PUCs, will test if you have a C1 level in June, and/or September. This course includes training for PUCs, so now focus on learning English and don’t worry about exams.


This is an advanced course, for people with a consolidated B2 level (upper intermediate), which is why we recommend Avanzado 2 students do not sign in for this course just after passing their B2 if their level has not been consolidated. A C1 level is achieved after at least two years of hard word and everyday use of the language, but we only have a one-year course in our Schools. People who have not been using their English regularly will have trouble following this course at the beginning but this will be temporary if they catch up at home. If there were people who are far from having the level, they will need to catch up outside  classroom time, logically. People with fossilized mistakes below the level need to follow a methodology the teacher will explain, and hand in their monthly summary or List of Mistakes (See Resource Pack). Meanwhile, coming to class will help them for sure, so it is recommended.