Howard Zinn

Resources I mentioned: Maths, Disability, History

friedan.jpgBook TV. In this video, Zinn speaks, a key thinker in the 20th century, but before that the reporter interviews people about the books they enjoyed that year (1998) and there is the presentation of a program(me) on a feminist classic by Betty Friedan (not intended by me!), a middle-class suburban feminist who made the point we didn’t have the language to speak about what was wrong!

PS: I’d like to tell you about something. In countries at war pacifists are considered people with no patriotism, no love for their people, and “therefore” public enemies. Ask Women in Black Belgrade, what they learned/learnt from the war in the Balkans in the 1990s. And being a pacifist is considered a great violence towards their Fatherland. Because in the USA patriotism is as strong as classism in Europe, or perhaps much greater, really! (It’s so extreme!) — and I don’t mean all the progressist people from the USA we know about in Europe but about the general trend, the public opinion so to put it — pacifists are seen as very bad people. (Yes, imagine the hippie movement and their peace work against Vietnam, that was exceptional and actually resulted in the putting into practice of Low Intensity Warfare, with Reagan on, in 1980.) And what about “reds”? Just remember the witch hunt. Just consider the US Congress has no leftwing parties in it. Being someone with leftwing ideas in the USA is being a suspect of the worst kind, for the general population. In the same way, not having religious beliefs in the USA equals being a suspect of being a bad person. (Ironical that freedom of religion would rule out the option of not having a religion.) Religion in the USA is intimately linked to Patriotism and War, for tradition says they are the chosen people. And that is why aliens in scifi movies always contact the US president! ūüôā Well, this is my view, as a US American-Spaniard who lives in Europe because I feel there is more freedom in many ways that matter to me.