Author: emicrazy1


1.- Do Not Send Flowers to Your Mother (Dionisio Martínez)

Her coat was draped over her shoulder, she had her laptop computer under her right arm, a red handbag in one hand and a heavy shopping bag from the supermarket in the other. She leaned against the wall, clasped one of the straps of her bag between her teeth, balanced the bottom of the bag on her thigh, which she raised, crossing her calf over the other knee and she thrust her hand inside it, trying to keep her shoulder up so that her coat would not slip to the ground.

2.- Great Expectations (Charles Dickens)

The marshes beyond the churchyard were grey. The river beyond the marshes was a darker line of grey. A bitter wind was blowing across the marshes from the sea. The graveyard was a dark and frightening place.