Exposición Aventureras

Aventureras! – Have you visited this exhibition?


Today I finally made it to the exhibition! I really enjoyed it. Numerous women artists (but I think there weren’t 23 works, were there?) dedicated one of their works to a woman who had explored some field, in life or in her work. I couldn’t find the catalog(ue), María José. I wanted to post on our innovative blog called Developing a Femin

ist Intelligence, the name of the artist and the woman she had chosen. And I wanted to ask you, María José, as one of the artists and as a contact person for the group, if you would be interested in sending a pic of the works and the texts accompanying them to our DIF blog “Historia de Ellas”, supposing you didn’t have a catalog(ue)!

Apart from that, this is also to invite you to visit the Centro cultural Mijas, which closes at 22.00 hours

. You’ll find artistic photos, two sculptures, a little installation, some paintings (ink, watercolo(u)r…) showing us the artist’s vision of women that did not made it to patriarchal history but who have been rescued since the 20th century. It’s well worth a visit! ❤

We haven’t missed women in history, and we need to learn to miss them, and to appreciate their contributions! ❤