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On the Page above for Ngozi Adichie

Dear all,

As you have probably noticed, I created a Page (on the navbar above) dedicated to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I’m publishing there the final versions of work you did around what we learned/learnt in our crosscurricular feminist month of October!

Today I just published Lucía’s review on Ngozi’s essay!

I wanted to tell you all that when I publish your work I use your first name, and that if you want me to include your family/surname too, you need to let me know some way, so I can fix it or do like I did today, publish your full name (Lucía’s).

About the gender worksheets, don’t expect me to give them back this week, OK? I haven’t finished reading them all and I need to take notes, and there’s more work to do first, so please, bear with me! ❤

NavBar: Updated on Oct 4

If you look at our navbar on this blog (the Pages above), you’ll see I have rearranged it and created new sections.

If you find an arrow pointing downwards, this means that there is content both on the name of the section you can see, and also on the other Pages appearing below the arrow when you move your mouse over it or something!

Feel free to post your comments or work wherever, as this is an interactive “textbook”, so to put it! 🙂 ❤ And please, don’t be shy if you encounter navigation problems or whatever — just let us know!

Signing up as Authors here

From the 22 people who asked for and got the invitation to become authors on/in this blog 🙂 , 20 have already accepted. It’s wonderful. Thank you.

As Emilia and KnittingWords showed us, with their posts “HELLO” and on negative prefixes, being an author means you can post new messages, not only comments to existing posts. I wonder if you can also create Pages (above, navbar). I’m going to create the Mini-saga Page now so you can post your final version, but perhaps in the future students can create the Pages you all need… For instance, I was wondering if you’d like to have a Page here where you can share your audio and video links, like I did with the series “Story-telling” (I have more for you!), but then instead of doing it in posts (which you can, and it’s great), you would have it all by clicking on the navbar. Do you see what I mean?

Tips for posting

Please, remember that if you create a post, it’s very helpful to choose one or more Categories and write out one or more tags before pressing “Publish”, so that later we can retrieve your post by browsing the widgets on the right-hand column “Categories” and “Tags”. Those words should be key words that allow people to find that post.

Remember you can EDIT your posts, too. This means that if you post and then realize you made a mistake, you can “go in” again and fix it! (including adding categories and tags!) 😀

Happy posting! And thanks! ❤