L / R: News, Articles

Listening to the news: hurricanes 1, hurricanes 2

Reading exercises prepared in course 2016-17:


Here are the articles I formatted for classroom use: C1 Materials Articles

Here are ways of exploiting them…


Warm-up (Optional). Sts can read the text at home before we use it in class, underlining interesting information and ideas.

In class:

Plenary: We can read the text aloud, to practice fluency and pronunciation.

Small Groups:

  • Sts can work on the language – finding out the meaning of words they don’t know (speaking English for real purposes).
  • They can come up with a list of Useful Language, that will offer interesting vocabulary and structures in context.

Follow-up work:

Someone in the group can type out the group’s work and share it with everybody, by posting it on this blog or sending it to someone who can do so.