Assange Interview

Just finished. It was Assange in English, Gabilondo in Spanish, on TV, but here there’s simultaneous translation, so if you find it as in the original, please, post the link!

My notes on two ideas Assange mentions:

Assange, interviewed by Gabilondo

G: Fear of going to prison being accused of major crimes?

A: Perhaps at the beginning, but then he thinks and feels it would be exciting – a new world, lots to learn

His fear is that of not being engaged

Dystopias are more unlikely than utopías

Snowden movie!

Listen, one of your topics this year is Surveillance! And on Sunday they’re showing the Snowden movie at the Miramar Mall at about 6 and at about 9 and because it’s original version not many people are attending. Also, next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday cinemas in Spain will cost 3 euros I think, so you might want to consider doing an outing together! There’s also a Bridget Jones movie, I think.