Watch: Accents

Read this:

There are numerous misperceptions about what it is to speak a language well, and here are some tips regarding pronunciation.

  • Everybody has an accent, which depends on their mother language(s), on how many languages you learned/learnt as a baby or child, how long you live where a certain language is spoken, how long you listen to the language…
  • No accent can be said to be right or wrong.It is ignorant and aggressive to say some people speak “bad (Spanish, English)” when you are referring to their accent. The right type of language depends on contexts, participants, purpose, channel… Example: If you text using the language you need to use in a CV, you are using the wrong language, because the language for texting has its own peculiarities.
  • Mispronouncing is not about accents, but about making mistakes when we pronounce a word.
  • Understanding an accent relates to how often you have heard it.
  • Standards, Written Standards, “International English” (depending on continent).
  • How many accents by Spanish-speakers can you imitate?
  • How many accents by English-speakers have you listened to and how often?
  • Can you post here famous English-speakers mentioning the variety they speak?

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