* Writing File

Writings have a deadline: around the 20 something of each month. We need to agree on dates every month. C-Day is the day when you bring your LoM’s and share your pieces.

Only people following this course properly can hand in after the deadline. And only exceptionally do I agree to students emailing the piece. I don’t like this option because I need the paper copy for corrections.

  • #1 STORY-TELLING (October), free format (story, diary entry, news story, dialogue, comic…), no. of words. no minimum but 300 words max., topic: Story of Your Life in the third person (Writing Workshop – Read my notes in the C1 Resource Pack) – DEADLINE: OCT 26.
  • #2 MISCELLANEA (November): two pieces: an 80-100-word DESCRIPTION of a place, an 80-100-word REASONED OPINION – DEADLINE: NOV 22
  • #3 LETTER-WRITING (December), a formal letter of request – Letters for Human Rights, 125-200 words: select a case, request, or demand politely somebody’s freedom – DEADLINE: JAN 9, but you can hand it in before the winter holidays.
  • #4 REVIEWS/BROCHURES/TRAVEL GUIDES (January – deadline Feb 8), word limit for expresión, e.g. topic: book, movie/film, place review, tourist brochure, entry for travel guide Post with info on this
  • #5 ARTICLE (February), article word limit for expresión – Feb 6 Resources for your task + Deadline: pending, after SB?

    • On Tourism related to something: employment, environmental issues, coexistence in multicultural settings. It can be an informative article or an article of analysis (argumentative, pro-con)… – Listen to me reading an article of this kind on EOI Teacher Sharing C1 Work
  • #6 LETTER-WRITING (March), interacción (175-180 words, 45-60 minutes)
    • An APPLICATION letter: applying for a job or a grant – I might have notes on this here
    • OR… LETTER TO EDITOR – my notes on how to
    • OR… A COMPLAINT letter – different kinds of notes on this here
    • OR a BUSINESS email – my notes on how to
  • #7 REPORTS/PROPOSALS (April): exam word and time limits for expresión, any topic – use the format with a title and headings
  • #8 ARTICLE (May): An argumentative text (essay for a magazine – article), exam word and time limits for expresión, topic: money: cash – for or against?

REMEMBER THIS: IF YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME, DO YOUR BEST, DO THE MOST YOU CAN. Understand that you cannot improve without hard work. Make this course your learning priority this year if you really want to make the most of this opportunity. I do appreciate knowing about the obstacles you encounter, but my knowing cannot make up for your learning.


  1. STORY-TELLING: check out the C1 Resource Pack

  2. ESSAYS: WritingWorkshopArgumentative (6 pdf pp., or check out the C1 Resource Pack)

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