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Celebrando un curso 2016-17 excepcional

Micaela Ford

Hoy después de curro y médicos he bajado a nadar al mar, fresco y no frío, toda la playa vacía de turistas, el mar como una balsa, con ondas. Cuando estaba panza arriba flotando a la deriva, pensando en cómo la gente tiene como adicción a generar tensiones sin que gane nada o haya necesidad, de pronto CAÍ EN QUE ¡ESTE AÑO FUE EXCEPCIONAL profesionalmente para mí!

*C1 Resource Pack y la tercera generación del grupo de C1 en mi Escuela: publiqué mis apuntes de 30 años de enseñanza comunicativa, transformativa, cooperativa, independiente, aplicados al nivel avanzado de Inglés. En las estadísticas de mi C1 creí que repetirían 4 personas, lo que ya sería unos resultados muy muy buenos (porque en EOI hay mucho absentismo). Pero ocurrió un sueño realmente: por primera vez en mi carrera en la pública de un grupo de 25, sólo una persona no siguió…

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Dear all,

Class of 2017 will be remembered for a smashing result at Certificate Exams. In the C1 half, there were 15 students registered, and 14 followed the course and took the exam, and passed in June or in the September resit! The one who failed never came to class or took the exams. In the C1 CAL half, the 10 students in our list followed the course and also took the exams and passed. I wanted to congratulate you all and celebrate it here! Thanks so much for your work. Hopefully, the people who just reached the level this year (considering an advanced level requires two years of hard and joyful work, mostly developing the habit of using English in different ways, with original materials) should try to keep up their good work now, as resourceful and independent lifelong learners of English! ❤

You’re welcome to use all of our materials and volunteer OPs in class or contributions for!

Remember to re-read the C1 Resource Pack, for you may find it even more useful now! 🙂

Have a lovely bilingual life! ❤

2017-18 course blog:



PUC C1 Monday Sept 4 at 9.00am

This is just a reminder for people needing to resit part of their June PUC.

The exam will be in class (Room 1). It starts at 9.00 am and will last till 14.30.

Bring your ID, water, tissues, and some energetic drink or food! No mobiles or the like. Bring a wrist watch.

You just need to come to the part you flunked. Times for that:

I hope you feel curious about taking the test, and happy to do so. Try not to suffer. If you flunked, we could work together again next year! ❤ Here is the new blog for next year: I have been working hard on trying to improve how to manage things while protecting people’s freedom to choose! 😀

Big hug! See you around! ❤

2017. MF’s YouTube Channel

Micaela Ford

For videos I create for classroom use or as support outside the classroom. I’m staring with videos I created around Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale (dystopia).
MF’s YouTube Channel at

Remember I’ve got another video channel on vimeo: EOI Teacher Sharing C1 Work – with my videos on How-to’s and Sts’ exam training orals, and that I created a video channel on youtube for our School, called EFL Learners Speaking English, with playlists for the different levels. Up to course 2016-17, all the videos in the Básico 1, Avanzado 2 and C1 playlists are by my students.

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