Why are you posting about the Higgs Boson?

Well, years ago, when the author was young and lost, she wrote this story, after learning about the Higgs Boson. She simply couldn’t believe it! There WAS an explanation, after all! ūüėÄ

The bad thing — the story’s in Spanish! So don’t feel obliged, I understand! ‚̧

Click to access lasaltadora16.pdf

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month happens in Education in the USA. So this is not in Spain. We’ve still got a long long way to go… But we might manage it some day… The USA average citizen is radically patriarchal and antifeminist. But feminists managed to get this to Education, so there’s hope we will rescue whatever we may of women’s history and learn to respect women as thinkers, artists, activists, too, not only as mothers and carers. ‚̧ Women are human beings. They can do anything!

Outing to the movies?: “Hidden Figures”, Don’t miss it!!! (Luc√≠a’s proposal)

Today Luc√≠a told me about this movie. She was deeply impressed. ANd I replied that if people knew about Women’s History, or Herstory, they would all be feminists, for sure! Gerda Lerner, who studied both these topics, says so, too, in her book “The Creation of Patriarchy”. I’m reading it in English, and it’s on our wish list for the Feminist Library we’re trying to put together. Anyway, here’s the info Luc√≠a also sent me for you all:

‚ÄúHidden Figures‚ÄĚ takes us back to 1961, when racial segregation and
workplace sexism were widely accepted facts of life and the word ‚Äúcomputer‚ÄĚ
referred to a person, not a machine. Though a gigantic IBM mainframe does
appear in the movie ‚ÄĒ big enough to fill a room and probably less powerful
than the phone in your pocket ‚ÄĒ the most important computers are three
African-American women who work at NASA headquarters in Hampton, Va.
Assigned to data entry jobs and denied recognition or promotion, they would
go on to play crucial roles in the American space program.

Info on the movie at Miramar Cinesur – wonder if it’s OV

The Baby Human Lesson

Becoming Happy Social Beings

Well, today not many people came to class, but we finally managed to start with one of my favo(u)rite lessons. I gave out a worksheet for exploiting To Belong (BH) and we watched the first 20 minutes twice. First we worked on textual structure (identifying the outline the documentary follows) and then sts did the fill-in-the-gap activity. Fortunately, they decided they were happy with watching it a third time next Monday, to gather more info to put together an oral summary of the experiments and the whole. So people who didn’t come today will have the chance to watch it at least once (note-taking for identifying the outline).

You can borrow a copy of this series from me, if you like. And if you did find it on the internet, please, let me know. I’ve only found certain scenes.

I have decided to give you all a documentary mission for the holidays (apart from Story of Stuff), because some people really need to listen to more English and learn to learn English from listening, because everybody at the C1 level needs to listen to lots of English and documentaries are amazing, and because it’s fun homework, at least you learn interesting things about topics people don’t usually discuss. So I’ll be giving out some paper copies next week, and I’ll explain it all here. It’ll be a documentary you can watch online, too. So next day we can relax, finish with this activity, with small groups retelling, and then have the Reading Groups talk about their reading projects. Today that was impossible because there were so many people missing.

Next Tuesday, at 6.00 pm, there’ll be an amazing talk on jazz on the second floor. I’ll be attending (until 7.00) and you are all welcome. It’ll be in English and it’s been organized by Juan. Try to make it there, if possible!

I pinned on the bulletin board your “notas” but as you know these don’t count for your Certificate Test. I gave a pass mark to people who I think or know are following the course. The important thing is the feedback I’m giving you on your English. As you have probably noticed, there is no one from last year, because just one student who followed the course failed. The exam results were extremely good, in spite of the fact that most people did not have a consolidated C1 level. But they worked very hard, and we worked very hard, and I worked very hard last year. I’m saying this because in my view some people would probably need two years here to reach a consolidated C1 level, but now it’s too soon to know, and it mostly depends on your use of English and the work you can put into learning this year. So I encourage you to work hard, joyfully better than because you have to, and if you need extra support or want me to assess your situation, supposing you’ve given me info on your English (work you handed in or shared in class), feel free to ask.

Just perhaps explain why three people who have not been coming to class have an Apto: I consider their English is at a good level, and I know they use it quite a lot, I can feel it when I listened to them in this first term. If I don’t get any more info, they’ll get a No Apto in this fake thing of “notas” trimestrales, but that won’t mean a thing. The only pass mark you can get is in June and September. So these Seneca notas are just a way of saying who’s following the course, and this info is irrelevant for evaluation in June and September.

Women need to be seen and heard at conferences

In line with this week debate, I’ve found an interesting and very “scientific” editorial about women’s (in)visibility in science. It was published in the prestigious¬†journal¬†Nature¬†on October 19th. You can read it by clicking ¬†here –>¬†nature_look_harder.

(Nature 538, 290 (20 October 2016) doi:10.1038/538290b)

Have a nice weekend!!

Oral Presentation by Students: Science to Help. Parts 1-3 (2014-15)

In course 2014-15, our first year of giving a C1 course, people prepared Oral Presentations based on their listening work on the news (or documentaries), and the flocked up in groups, so it was teamwork, too. This group was called “C1 Going Viral”! ‚̧ And they were the only group that allowed me videoshoot, which is something to celebrate. Just watch and see why! I hope you like it!

I also created a webpage on Talking People to upload the handouts they brought for their classmates, and that’s here: