Laura’s Descriptions

A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud. By Carson McCullers

It was raining that morning, and still very dark. When the boy reached the streetcar café he had almost finished his route and he went in for a cup of coffee. The place was an all-night café owned by a bitter and stingy man called Leo. After the raw, empty street, the café seemed friendly and bright: along the counter there were a couple of soldiers, three spinners from the cotton mill, and in a corner a man who sat hunched over with his nose and half his face down in a beer mug. The boy wore a helmet such as aviators wear…

My Son the Murderer. By Bernard Malamud

He walked at a fast pace up the broad avenue. In the old days there was a bridle path at the side of the walk where the concrete bicycle path was now. And there were fewer trees, their black branches cutting the sunless sky. At the comer of Avenue X, just about where you can smell Coney Island, he crossed the street and began to walk home.



  1. The McCullers story is about love, what’s love?
    And I think I wrote a university paper on Malamud’s…
    OMGosh! Look at this!!! This is the old template we had at It seems that when we installed the new one, all the literature section was lost! I found it on google!
    So I need to update that! But — no time, for the time being! 😀

    Hey, dear all! You don’t have to read my analysis, OK? (Demented laughter!) It’s just I realized it was lost!


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