Volunteering Translations!

We’re preparing a post on how to prevent rape for Nov 25, the international day against violence against women, a concept we call “gender violence” in Spain — in spite of the fact that the law just acknowledges as gender violence cases where a man in the family (namely the husband or ex husband) murders the woman he was supposed to love.

I read /red/ this article and I was wondering, Would anybody volunteer its translation, so we can publish it in Spanish?

To everybody, do you think the article is useful in any way?

Why It’s Dangerous to Tell Men to Be Persistent to Get Women to Sleep with Them

Next Monday: Reading Aloud! & a Question for you all – Looking for Volunteers!

I’ve thought out a plan, to make sure you all know how you should be working on your Monologues at home and on your monthly Writing Assignment.

I’d like to ask you, dear Authors, can you volunteer to explain next Monday How to Work on your Mons (my video on the Speaking File page), and How to Work on your Writing Assignments (my video on the Writing File page)? Post your willingness, if so, and we can hold this conversation here through posting our comments, OK? Let’s organize it! Don’t be shy and volunteer! If we have more than 2 for each explanation, I can find other tasks for the following week, so it’d be all right! ❤

Next Monday we will read Ngozi’s book. Today we watched that same talk on TED.

Tomorrow I’ll post a follow-up listening and translation exercise in case you want to do it over the weekend. I’d like to know, if possible, how many of you are coming to class next Monday.

Sergio, if you’re reading this, can you send me an email? Thanks! 🙂

Lourdes, Lorena, I forgot to give you your Student’s Card!!! (Asociación Estudiantes)

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