Well, today we just had two people doing the Speaking Test Practice, Desi and Romina, and they did great, and Maria José kindly videoshot them, so now we have a video example of a real speaking test (in terms of format). Thanks!

We started the lesson with María José’s Listening activity on Who Owns our Data, which was a challenge, but people did quite well. It was interesting too, and we had some comments by students.

I read out the summonings to orals, and thought they had been published on the second floor but it turns out not yet! I suppose it’ll happen soon. I stuck my copy on the entrance door, inside, for your information, anyway.

At the beginning of the lesson we also talked a bit about wordformation in English, and Lucía showed us her work gathering examples of what she had read! If next day people fail to come to do their oral practice, we might scratch some time off for this!

Next day is our last lesson together. We’ll read stories if we manage it, and I’ll invite you to join me in an end-of-month informal meeting in June, to see if you would like to volunteer some time for Education to Equality! I’ll give everybody our Coeducación brochure, anyway. I’m also interested in your contributions to English projects, once you pass and leave!



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