W: Minisagas

Writing: Minisagas

Feel free to post your mini sagas here, after I’ve given you feedback and you make your final typewritten copy! 🙂

If you want your mini saga to be Anonymous, please, send it to me and I’ll post it for you. Thanks! ❤


  1. Minisaga (October)

    17th February, this day has finally arrived!
    I have been expecting this day with excitement. We are leaving for Costa Rica and will be able to enjoy an amazing, incomparable and natural paradise.
    Nature has always been treated with great respect in this country so we must also protect the environment to keep it intact.

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  2. Minisaga-October

    I had a cold so I stopped at a chemist´s on my way home to get paracetamol. There was no counter service so I rang the bell.
    Mary, my best primary classmate in Barcelona, appeared. I couldn´t believe my eyes. Suddenly, I felt better. Happy meetings are better tan medicines.

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  3. Minisaga- October

    I must confess that I’m completely lost. I mean, what can I write about?  No idea. Although millions of thoughts storm into my mind in a minute, none of them crystallises. I’ve spent my whole day off looking for a good option… Seriously? Nothing? Well, maybe next time…

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  4. “A Cuban romance”
    On enjoying her summer holidays package, she met a man. It was attraction at first sight!
    After two amazingly passionate nights, she moved to another city. He followed her to spend one more day together.
    Her holidays finished and she felt this was unlikely to ever happen to her again.

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  5. Minisaga; The Road to Santiago

    When I was 17 my father and I decided to walk the Road to Santiago. We spent ten days on pilgrimage in Galicia enjoying unforgettable experiences, lovely people, unimaginable landscapes and incredible adventures.

    I will never forget this great journey in my dad’s company, so I highly recommend it, everyone!

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  6. Minisaga: Feminism
    What does it mean to be a feminist? Feminists acknowledge that women should have the same opportunities, rights and freedoms men have, fight against sexism and gender discrimination, believe we can change the status quo and create new culture because the equality of sexes is possible, so — you must react!

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  7. Dear Cristina,
    Thanks for this? Can you write it down on one of the cards in class for the Chimamanda Ngozi poster? We’ve got different colors!
    Next, there was a “should” missing, because of “acknowledge”, so then you had an extra word, so I changed “a feminist” and fixed the verbs. I hope it’s OK. If it isn’t, please, fix it your way! 🙂 I also introduced a dash. What do you think?

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  8. minisaga october : To travel to an exotic place
    I was very lucky to enjoy an unforgettable experience visiting the magic mountain called Machu Picchu in Peru ten years ago. People usually describe what you will feel at this sacred space, but no words can compare to the experience. You can not miss it! 🙂

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  9. Dear Michelle,
    I am delighted to write it down on one card for the Chimamanda poster.
    In addition, I apreciate the correction you did in my minisaga

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  10. October minisaga:

    What would you think if I told you that you can travel back to the past and change one event, but only one?
    Would you take the risk? Or would you face the decisions you have made?
    What if that so-called mistake was the only reason of your present happiness?

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  11. Minisaga (November): Stress
    I am stressed. But… IS it this good or bad? For decades doctors have warned us about the dangers of stress. However, nowadays some medical experts believe that certain kindS of stress may be good for us — to react quickly! So no need to worry — now I’m more effective!

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  12. Minisaga (December): Lottery
    What would happen if you won the lottery tomorrow (December 22nd)?
    You would have money to buy whatever you wanted: a luxury home, the best car… You would be able to travel for months without worrying about money. However, the question is simple: Would you be happier? Think about this!

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  13. Minisaga December: “The human being”

    She had always thought that humans were superior to the rest of animals.
    “We have emotions, we empathize with others”, she said.
    One day she read a story that staggered her beliefs and after that she changed her saying:
    “We are just smarter, not superior to other animals on Earth”.

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  14. Minisaga February: “Hidden Figures”

    ‘At NASA we all pee the same colour’. Nowadays, it’s blatantly obvious, but it wasn’t 50 years ago in the USA, a segregated society, where three black female mathematicians suffered discrimination for a two-fold reason. However, they became pioneers in NASA and they started to break down the social inequality.

    Checked! (It’s 50 words now) Well done! ❤


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