A “Just-in-case” Note

Or as we say in Spanish, a “for the flies” note! 😀

Dear all,

I’m writing this because the winter holidays are approaching, aka Christmas, and most people tend to engage in two kinds of symbolic activities: going out for a drink and giving presents.

I would like to say that as a teacher I have a rule: I never go out with students until they have passed their finals, this is, until our professional relationship is over.

About presents, this is a truly sensitive matter for me. Although I know that when students give presents to their teachers it’s all a matter of affection, presents trouble me, personally. I mean, I’m not against them. When other teachers get presents I’m not critical. I celebrate it with them. I’m happy for them. But I personally don’t feel comfortable getting presents. I’m shy, and I feel very bad when I’m the center of attention, particularly when given something (not when people are paying attention to what I’m saying as a teacher! 😀 😀 ). I stopped celebrating my birthday when I was 20, I think! 😀

The kind of present I do welcome. However, there is something that I always welcome and makes me happy and fills me with energy to keep loving my job and to keep fighting for a better world, and that is people’s positive response to positive meaningful learning, people working in positive ways, feeling involved in what they do, collaborating, enjoying this amazing process. In spite of how hard language learning is, and how hard this particular course is, you are already doing that!! So thanks!! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

— And this is as mushy as I can get!! 😀 ❤