Friday Visit & a Book on Our Intelligence

Today (I hope she will forgive me for telling you all), Mónica, an old student here, who I had the joy to meet in Avanzado 2, and then at our C1 course, dropped by for a visit!

Why am I telling you? Because she asked me about a book I recommended when she was a student, and considering it’s the end-of-year celebrations (Christmass for Christian believers), some of you might feel like getting a copy of it for yourselves or to give away. Prices go from 4 US American dollars to 100 euros, so make sure you compare prices. I usually shop books online, at Amazon (Britain, Germany or Spain, depending on prices) and at Iberlibro, a network of bookshops (make sure you compare shipping prices).

This is the book: Teaching and Learning Through Multiple Intelligences (3rd Edition) by the Campbells and Dickinson.

multipleintelligenceI bought an extra copy, although the book is expensive, because I tend to lend books and sometimes people forget to give them back. But now my extra copy is somewhere in Jaén, I think, as someone borrowed it some months ago. In any case, if you wish to have a look I can bring my copy to class, and you can also borrow it! (Demented laughter!) I can even read a beautiful story it has, on kinesthetic intelligence!

This book is an application of Gardner’s work as applied to primary, but I found a great deal of inspiration for the course I designed for you all, and for my methodological approach.

Here’s a list of the 8 kinds of intelligence the authors address, based on Gardner’s work: