Comparing Novels and Movies

In about an hour, you’ll be able to watch this very useful video, with Desi’s performance, comparing Pay It Forward, the novel, to the movie version. I included five cards at the end with tips on how to do this kind of assignment, but the example you can learn most of is Desi’s work, really! Notice how well she uses relative clauses, to include background info on things she mentions. And the other points I comment. ❤


  1. I’ve been trying to count the number of times I scratched my head, but I’ve lost track… OMG!!! I was really nervous.
    It’s quite strange to see myself speaking in English, but it’s also positively useful. I’ve noticed that I mispronounce some easy-everyday words (independently of the nervousness).
    Thanks for your tips Michelle!! It’s a great guideline!

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  2. I’m very happy it’s of use! You did really well! ❤
    PS: Those mispronouncing mistakes come from past fossilizations, probably. But you can fix it if you monitor your production. In any case, the rest is so good it would not put you at risk, really, in the exam performance, I mean!


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