Come on, people, go for it! and some thoughts

Lucía enjoyed this post on the 2015-2016 C1 course year, so I’m reblogging it for you all! Thanks, Lucía!

MF's 2015-16 C1 Course

Tip about Making your Language Range Richer. I was thinking that the key for identifiying C1’s is not so much we use a specific C1 itembut that we use VARIED language items, that’s why I mentioned varied tenses, varied modals, modifiers, different kinds of clauses, possessives, plurals, all the diversity that C1 users of a language can produce quite naturally. And paraphrasing is typical in natives, right? I mean, we say something and then say it again in a different way. Just notice how you speak Spanish, what you do with language.

goforitIf you want your certificate this year, don’t fret, just work harder now and go for it! It’s possible for people whose level is not clearly a C1. It’s always possible to achieve something that seems hard to achieve, against all odds, too! As a teacher, I’ve often witnessed that, and knowing…

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