Diary for Wed May 10, & two amazing OPs!

Today more people booked for the speaking test practice:

  • Mon May 15: Germán & Luz (2), Lorena & Soluna (6).
  • Wed May 17: Emilia & Mariajosé (1).
  • Mon May 22: Sergio, Lucía & Karen (8); Marta, Dolores & Cristina (9).

I ran out of tests and Isabel came, so she will be selecting a test on the Junta’s website and next Monday I’ll be asking you all if somebody would like to do it with her. You can also contact her and talk about it. Particularly if you’re someone who wants to practice twice this kind of format.

Transcriptions. We worked on News Extracts #3 and #7. And reviewed some language items. Sonia and Germán kindly took it all down on the whiteboard. Cristina and Marina shared their mistakes. I hope that when you’re lifelong learners you practice this kind of training, to consolidate your level and expand your knowledge of the language. I do it every year. I’ll post my transcript of all next week, in case people want to practice some more. (If I forget let me know.)

OPs. Well, I have to say I was very impressed with Romina’s and Sergio’s work. How wonderful it is when people are not afraid of language, but curious about it! I’m also grateful I was allowed to videoshoot, so we can show the world and share good work.

Here I’d like to do something I never do because students never ask. I always say that when I have enough info on people’s work, I am able to say whether they are in the C1 fringe or not yet, or what kind of consolidation stage they’re in. I’m considering saying it now, because I trust you all. It’s been a wonderful learning year. I know we always feel we could’ve done more, but the truth most of the times, when we care, or love what we choose to do, we do what we can, and as Audre Lorde says, “What else can you ask?” It’s precious. I’m very happy with people’s learning in spite of us all wanting to reach for the moon. One year is far too little, in my view. If we could only spend two years together, what difference it’d make in our learning and lives, and in the transformation of learning patterns! But we must make do. Life’s that way. The most important thing is we don’t waste our lives in negative things, developing, consolidating negative patters; we learn to respect ourselves because this is key to respect others. It’s important to learn to respect learning processes, to learn to grow in positive ways, not destructively, as mainstream society teaches. From my feminist viewpoint, I can’t imagine I would have had greater chances of working on all of this before my time, or in many other places of the world, because women have been locked up with and without their consent, and undervalued & underestimated. Not that men’s lives have been much better, particularly good men. But for women’s case, the oppression has been taken for granted, considered natural, logical, all of that bullshit, and we’re starting to challenge all that from within. To illustrate I know I’m valuable as a thinker, as a teacher, as an activist, but keep considering I’m good for nothing — though time plays in my favor, in our favor. As you grow older you are less easily tricked, even by your own culturally learned traps. I’m saying this because I understand what we tend to feel in the face of exams. But I’m asking you to control your fear and be loyal to a love of learning, to protecting your curiosity and good work. What you learned this year should be evaluated in complex ways, not by an exam mark. And you should protect it and not betray it. Interactive courses are about sharing and communicating, not so much about getting good marks in exercises. Interaction changes our world view and our views of who we are, who people are, and how we can relate. I hope you understand what I mean, and feel free to comment freely. I know I’ve got a strong character and a kind of teacher’s pride that may seem threatening at times, but I’m an extraordinary listener, and treasure what people bring to my life.

In this sense I’d like to comment Romina’s performance. I don’t like the word, but I’m very respectful to the concept, not the religious concept, the human idea of “being humble”. I think we can all learn from this kind of being humble because it’s so constructive, so not typical. It’s the kind of being humble that I have found in life among people I considered very intelligent: empathy and rationality, a love for what one is doing, an interest in it, with some regret but where that regret cannot overshadow the love for learning.

Overshadow is the kind of word we will be considering in our Lexical Creativity workshop next Monday and Wednesday, so please, print the notes if you can.

I just lost my thread. Anyway, I’m kind of tipsy because my sweet love made an Empanada Gallega, a kind of savory pastry from Galicia, and my all-time favs, gambas al ajillo, something like praws with a slight garlic taste, and I had some white wine to go along, so I’m perhaps more than tipsy right now —

Well, I’m happy and proud of the work you did, and the work you shared, and this includes all of you and I’m not lying or exaggerating.

And I’m very grateful for the videos. For me, that’s like the best present I can ever get. I’m shy for other kinds of expressions of affection, or gratitude. Videos are my thing, really! 😀 I think the videos we’re sharing are full of all kinds of things that can help a wide variety of people learn. If we could videoshoot some speaking test practice performances, that’d really be orgasmic, and groundbreaking, I think, because I haven’t found this kind of thing for EEOOII (Spanish public language schools for adults), only for Cambridge tests. And our format and requirements are somewhat different, more demanding in terms of textual structure and, true, we need to change this, grammar accuracy.

You might enjoy watching performances for different levels in Europe and tell me what you think, as compared to the feedback we give you on the same kind of exercise. Here: http://eoifuengirola.es/certificaciones-1. Path: scroll down till you see this text: “Para  consultar vídeos de producciones orales en diferentes idiomas de los niveles del Marco Común de Referencia Europeo: aquí”.


My Evaluation of your English next


  1. Time flies! It seem to me that it was yesterday when I began this c1 course and just a few classes more and final exams round the courner ufff thanks for being such as an amazing hard work teacher for us. I enjoyed every class this year and as I told you I promise to do my best to pass final exams. I absolutely agree that was great to tape videos about our ops and we can enjoy from our mistakes. Im very happy with all my classmates . Thank you so much for this wonderful course 😊👏🏻👏🏻

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