Diary for Mon April 3

Previous news: rearranging lesson plans – postponing Writing Sessions for the week after the spring hol, and postponing checking your Reading Test till next Wednesday.

Today we welcomed Cristina B. back,

From here we moved to volunteering projects, too.

Then I was sad to see so few people had read something, or listened to something, so I rearranged the plan and had people just practice talking in pairs, not at plenary so we could all enjoy their stories or retellings and they could get some feedback.

The sunny side of this was that well, we had time for more things, so I explaining the Designing Exams Project and we did two listening exercises, which I hope you can all use:

  • to take them down as dictations
  • and to practice retelling

Here are the links. There are spare paper copies in class.

Lucía talked to me about the Skeleton of Meaning technique, at first I misunderstood, but then I understood: she understood precisely why it can be so helpful, precisely when we don’t understand an particular accent, or when we don’t follow what’s being said well. Yes, precisely. when all is lost, or that’s what it seems, it’s a great resource. And then in matching exercises.

One comment

  1. Key for “Pets”, B. L2-3. Write the phonemic transcription of as many gapped words as you can!

    1. I once encountered a man who was walking along a residential street holding the end of a leash in one hand and his Chihuahua in the other.
    2. He just thinks he’s getting a good neck scratching
    3. As anyone can tell you who has enjoyed the purring of a cat crawled up beside you.
    4. In most cities, the local Fire Department is reluctant to rescue a cat stranded in a tree
    5. Standing behind them is the pet industry Joint Advisory Council saying a ban on pets sales is an infringement of the American freedom of choice
    6. As we drove in our cars, or worked at our desks, or phoned our loved ones, our radios and televisions kept us in touch with the heart-wrenching details.


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