1. Reading Activity: Hidden Figures

    Present Participle Clauses:
    • Many of these “computers” are finally getting their due, but conspicuously missing from this story of female achievement…
    • With the threat of 100,000 people swarming to the Capitol…
    • Just today I got an email from a woman asking if…

    Past Participle Clauses:
    • Surrounded by the West Computers…
    • The spark of curiosity ignited, Shetterly began researching these women.

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  2. Edited later on

    Dear Dessi, your work was posted in a separate post. It’s OK. Your homework had no mistakes.

    So Clara, make sure you check Dessi’s, OK. Clara, the first present participle clause is wrong (both are prsent cont.) and the other two are not what I was looking for, though, yes, they are -ing forms on their own.

    So we need to review this in class, together, OK? Please, bring it up! Check Dessi’s and see if you realize the difference! See you! ❤

    And thanks for doing your homework and letting us know! ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Clara, I’m finding some of my notes that might be of use:
    This is an overview, and what I meant is called “participle phrases”, have a look:
    FOUND IT!!! This will be very useful for you, I think: read it and let me know (and there’s a video, too)

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