Diary for Wed Feb 22 + Suggested Homework

Today we talked a bit about organizational issues, so to put it. I explained blog updates, gave checked writings back, explained a bit my post and what you need to bring to class next day Homework: after the hol LoMs so we can tackle language questions, as my post of feedback is mostly on structure. Bring your writings too, or your LoM at large, and your questions on language!

And today we had two amazing OP: On OITNB and on TBEMH (see Reading Projects for more info) and I was allowed to videoshoot, which was really good news!

Tomorrow I’ll include here the link to the wonderful listening activity we did today. (Can’t access my mail just now.) And remember: Homework: for you all to design one or a few paragraphs like today’s so we can have every day someone doing that. You can copy it on the whiteboard, and then people can copy it in their notebooks.

When we meet again we’ll move on to Exam Training Month, so Homework: I’m asking you to read the Guía PUC, but not when I suggested, I got all mixed up: I meant, read it the Sunday before you come to class, or this week if you are capable of forgetting all about it next week! 😀

While you read the Guía PUC, consider our Writing File, and bring a clear idea of which writings you’d like to work on in March, April & May. Think of three I mean, and on whether you want to do the February Writing, too. I’ll ask you about this on our first lesson together.

Last idea of Homework: everyday a few people should tell a story, so prepare one in your hols. But please, listen to stories first. You can focus on one, and retell in your own words. It doesn’t matter if other people did that one too. Each person retells their own way.

Remember I’ll be on strike on the 8th. So please, try to come to class on the 6th.

Romina and Cristina will be booking a date for their OP, too. I’ll add the info on the page above Reading Projects.

Luz will post her homework on participle clauses and please, remember to check that out and post yours or post questions or whatever.

Please, remember this blog is also for you to post. So feel free to do so whenever you like, and particularly if you have things you’d like to check and we didn’t in class, OK?


Romina Ferrer

If you are interested, check out facebook: it’s burning hot with resisterspeople spreading their support to the International Women’s Strike! I’m preparing a letter for that! Llamamiento al paro

OH, 100 students went to Hidden Figures with 4 other English teachers! We’ll be posting on that in DIF Coed.

Enjoy your English and your week!<3

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