Outing: Hidden Figures, a must watch!

Today we went to the cinema to watch this fantastic film that Lucía recommended. Thanks, Lucía! It was a beautiful experience! ❤

We all wanted to do some follow-up work on this film, so I’d like to invite students who’ve watched Hidden Figures to post here their thoughts and proposals. If you actually post, tick Movies/Films in CATEGORIES (on your right) and type “Hidden Figures” in the slot for TAGS. (I’ll do some posting like this, to share my contributions.)

In any case, remember to write down your thoughts or whatever, because one day we can share them in class. We need to tell the others about it all! You can send me an email with your plan and I’ll arrange things, if you like. Luz has the movie, so we thought about showing some fav scenes in class…

After the movie, some of us left, some of us went for a drink and something to eat. We shared stories and thoughts, and it was wonderful! ❤

As we took a photograph, to remember this day, I felt like it was a historic moment!, that we would keep growing and doing important contributions to a better world with our small lives. Great contributions! ❤ Because we’re walking r-evoLutions! The impact of who we are in life has always been relevant, in spite of all the bad ideas that have taught us women are not as intelligent, as courageous, as strong as Man, in spite of all the verbal violence, all the physical abuse…

More acknowledgements: Karen offered her mobile for the pic, someone found a young man who took the pic and then Karen sent the pics! Emilia invited us all for the drinks and the food! And Marta paid my ticket! Thanks so much, dear wimmin! ❤ And thanks to all the students who made this outing possible, too!  Oh, and thanks for allowing the School to include this picture on its website. I’ll paste the movie poster next to it and send it to our adorable Head of Studies! (see below!)16508160_10154855225240449_957483625114130161_n



  1. I really enjoyed!. Hidden Figures is an inspirational exercise in understated activism, the women here do not ignore the racism that colors their lives. But they resist it not with violence or protest but with skill and persistence. Yes they ask for the rights that are right fully theirs. But they do so with a sense of grace, humility and patience, they dont trust the system but they find away to work with him it to achieve their goals. And they change a lot of minds along the way. Hidden Figures pays heartfelt tribute to remarkable women who broke color and gender barriers out of the spotlight with no headlines proclaiming their achievements. This is one of the year´s best films.


  2. I have told with my colleagues and we are going to the cinema to watch it with our students! I think is very important for the next generations to learn about gender, racism…

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  3. ❤ Congratulations! You made it! ❤ Yes, today most people pretend we don't have those problems anymore, and it's not true. Some of us are lucky, but sexism and racism are far from having been removed from our societies and cultures! Apart from getting the chance to be better, they will also enjoy the movie because we love being told stories where people doing good things succeed in their endeavor! 🙂 ❤

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