Lesson Plans for Next Week

Monday Feb 6

Listening: Part 3 of the Climate Change radio program(me).

Speaking: After this, you need to make a summary of the whole program, together, and then you need to listen to each member make a summary or give their opinion on the topic.

Reading: checking the cloze test on Climate Change in small groups.

OPs by Students (nobody booked, but you are welcome to do one). In 1-4 min, give your opinion about any of the documentaries or readings we’ve done; share your written work reading it out; speak about a relevant experience in your life, tell us about a favo(u)rite something (book, movie…)

Questions & Proposals: on language, resources, plans…

Wednesday Feb 8

Deadline for January Writing Assignment

Reading aloud at Plenary: The workshop for rational discussions.

Speaking: small groups discuss the information, and adapt the theory to hold a small group discussion on climate change at Plenary, so other groups can listen and learn. Pay attention to turn-taking, and practice taking notes with key words instead of interrupting other person’s turn. If there is no time for the actual discussion to learn from, we would do it the following Monday.

Contingency Plan: OPs by students. If nobody volunteers, we’ll do the 1-min speaking activity.

Monday Feb 13

Writing File: Jan Assignments back to you for follow-up work on LoM and sending clean copies for publication if you like. Decisions on Feb assignment.

Reading activity: We’ll read an article at Plenary, and then small groups will summarize it or reconstruct it together, list highlights in terms of language and idea (UL, lists of ideas), and give their (oral) personal opinions. I’ll give you a handout to fill in/out.

Listening activity – to use later for retelling

Contingency plan: OPs ?- same


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