Assessing our time together

Dear students,

As you can see, time flies. This part of the course is more intense, in that you need to intensify your work at home. Still, I hope you enjoy it, thanks to what we did before: develop or reinforce the habit of using the language and enjoying the language. In this part of the course you need to get organized, to make sure you work as I explain in your Resource Pack. Ask me for support and keep me informed, if you like.

The more you use English, and the more you enjoy learning to learn to become a lifelong learner, like myself!, the more you’ll learn and the more time you’ll find for it.

Ask, share, make proposals, we can adapt. In spite of the fact that we’ll always be short of time! Being short of time is positive: it means we have lots of thing to share. Then, I’m sorry we can’t listen to everybody every day. That’s the bad thing about public education. But you CAN practice speaking at home, and then record final versions for your Speaking File and for my feedback, OK?

It is likely we part after June, and then you need to be prepared to BE a lifelong learner. You need to have had developed the habit of using your English not only in some natural ways, but also as independent learners, because this is the only way to keep your level up, and to learn more, too.

So focus, make time for this course. It won’t last much more! 🙂 ❤

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