(edited) Diary for yesterday!! And lesson plan for tomorrow!

Sorry about that!

We listened to Soluna giving a very informative talk on Corpora, so that our advanced students are able to learn how to use words, and then we watched episode 1 of Redesign my Brain. We had time to comment a bit.

Next day (tomorrow!) small groups will check their worksheet on this, and we’ll have a plenary for questions and comments.

I hope we can also arrange a deadline for your January Writing, and that some people can read their amazing letter (Dec Writing). I also have your work records in the box, to give them back to you (diaries, LoMs I think).

Contingency plan? We could do Part 2 of our ongoing mega listening activity, too!

More things to check? the human rights brochure I gave out? Any questions or a retelling of what it is about? The collocation worksheets? Any OP on Story of Stuff? or other?

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