Skin Color in the Human Race

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Human rights, that young notion, told us there’s only one race, which may change our perception. Can we really speak about races? Can’t we just quit and speak about human diversity? Still, we continue to speak of races. Here is a pic of some of the colors of human skin. It’s Humanae, an on-progress project by Brazilian artist Angelica Dass. What word would you choose to describe your skin color? Can we really say we’re white, black, red, yellow…? (use the traditional names, traditionally meant to hurt, on top of everthing because these colors were used for that!)

Graphics from Writing with Color, a writing guide for Skin Color (avoiding words that could offend)



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  1. What a surprise!!!!!! A few months ago the Pantone Project was exhibited in the street in one of the neighbourhoods in Málaga (I don’t remember the name, sorry, it’s just behind Cervantes Theatre). Coinciding with it, Sur newspaper run its photograph contest. I took a photo of my boyfriend as one of the people in the Pantone photos and they selected it for a exhibition in the underground at María Zambrano station. I was very excited because it was the first time one of my pictures were chosen in a contest!!!!!
    Here you can see the photo. Hope you like!

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