IMPORTANT, please read! Working on Gender Issues: Urgent Questions!

Sorry for this. Let’s see…

I’m preparing a little overview of this activity, where I would offer a statistic based on who did the questionnaire (16/…) and with info on the answers given by those who allowed me to share (I’m not mentioning your names) – just write summaries of ideas presented (in general, I mean).

I need to check with you all if this is correct and clarify some questions:

I have a copy that says “for next Monday, repartida el lunes 7 de marzo 2016” but has no name. Whose is it? Because this person answered positively about sharing her work. It has no answers, I understand it came together with another page, but… I don’t know…

People who replied YES : 9
People who said No: 3

People who didn’t answer: 4. You can answer now here or send me an email if you like. Two of them are Gema and Encarni and because of the work they shared I presume they would be OK if I used their answers to create a text with answers to the question.

If any of you wants to write about it and didn’t you can send it in until next Saturday, OK?


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