Reading & Listening Kit on Climate Change

I just prepared / I’ve just prepared a kit, for 20 students, that includes a reading comprehension activity (of the kind Cloze Test) and a listening comprehension activity (fill-in-the-gap) in 3 parts (for three different lessons, starting tomorrow).

If you miss the lesson tomorrow, you could ask a classmate to get a paper copy for you. If we run out of copies, don’t worry: I’ll tell you where you can print it. I’ve also got the audios online, so if any of you misses a lesson, you would be able to do it at home, anyway.

I’d like to ask you not to do the listening activities I designed in previous years without checking with me first, in case I’m planning to use it in class, OK? 🙂 ❤

Watch your Story of Stuff documentary! It’s related. But now we’re moving on to Environmental Issues. Did you know that one of the most important causes of climate change is meat production? There’s a documentary on that somewhere! 😀


As a business-as-usual kind of follow-up activity I’d like to remind you all taht we can use these activities, as well as all the audios we use, to train in different kinds of skills. I hope you can use my exercises to practice READING ALOUD AND RETELLING, so you can consolidate a good grammar, a good pronunciation, and learn about the topics we work on.

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