Testing, the unimaginative version of Evaluation

I am not against evaluation or feedback. Every learning attempt and process needs to be interactive in different ways, and we all need feedback from all kinds of sources. But “exams” are an unimaginative, anti-learning answer to the issue of evaluation.

Limiting all this universe to what we know as “Exams” is negative and we have enough information about this. Courses should be exam free at least till the end (when passing them would be a logical consequence of having learned during the learning year) because we would need to be developing learning and this requires all the energy and work term “exams” suck out of us, weakening us, making us even hate what we are meant to want to learn. Oftentimes, people find time for exams and no time for joyful learning, and this is all wrong.

It’s funny now we’re back to this obsession, because when I was at university most teachers gave us assignments, projects, not exams. And we learned much more, for sure!, including how to work with other people, in teams.

We need to find ways to fight this anachronic procedure, to favor the development of a society of knowledge, a civilized society that loves learning, and collaborates for learning purposes. ❤


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