Lesson Plans for December 2016

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Timed OPs and reciting poems (videos with poemsor reading out your writing assignments, please, all welcome, particularly retelling the Story of Stuff documentary, or any oral work based on listening work. Please, book in advance if possible.

Please, let me know about any pending matters!!

Monday Dec 5

  • Collocations: postive feelings and situations (pending: post key)
  • Friends 2×1: watching, language questions

Wednesday Dec 7
(Your Reasoned Opinions back to you. When to talk about them? When you finish working on them and we can then hold a plenary. I need you to tell me.)

  • Friends 2×1: small groups collect UL + lang. Questions (pending: groups sending in their work)
  • Dramatized Reading
  • Story of Stuff follow-up: small groups collect UL + retelling (pending: groups sending in their work)

Monday Dec 12

  • Reading the Human Rights Declaration: fixing sexist language?
  • Questions about the December Writing Assignment – letter writings , joining teachers’ Project?
  • Watching a neuroscience documentary – 1 hour – (note-taking) – Baby Human. Geniuses in Diapers (episode on how we learn to be social)

Wednesday Dec 14

Last week: Please, feel free to make requests or proposals!

Monday Dec 19

Wednesday Dec 21
(Tons of ideas, like Poem Day or teaching us how to do things, from silly to whatever! Videoshoots, too! But I’d rather you picked)

Thursday Dec 22: everybody at this School is invited: World Food Party on the second floor starting at 16.00 till 19.00 or 20.00 I guess.

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