About tomorrow’s lesson!

Tomorrow we can focus on gathering Useful Language in Small Groups: First on the Friends script. You can share it, discuss it and ask language questions.

And then on Story of Stuff — I forgot about this one when I wrote the diary yesterday. (So that’s why I’m posting this reminder now, oK?

Tomorrow, if any of you wants to give a (tops 5 min) OP or share the poem, you’re welcome. I’ve also got the video camera in class, to shoot whatever you are willing to shoot! 😀

Remember you would send me your teamwork UL lists by email, so I can check and publish, right? And I was thinking that we could contribute some of these to the EOI 25 Years Magazine! Some old Básico 1 students are putting together a list of Andalusian words and explaining them in standard Spanish, and I have volunteered to translate them into English! Just letting you know in case whatever! 😀

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