Diary for Dec 5 – Collocations & Friends

Hi there!

Today we started off talking about “biased” /báiest/ and how “politics” is changing in meaning to include not only the politics by political parties but also politics as citizens’ participation in the construction of society, that kind of politics second-wave feminism allowed us to think, when they coined the phrase “The personal is political”, meaning for instance, if a husband beats up his wife, this is no “private affair”, like the police and society would reply, but a social problem. Today we show we learned from this when we all speak against gender violence, but unfortunately, far too many people don’t credit feminism for this vital change in our frames of mind. We also had “being let down by party politics” and about “taking a mid-way stand”, I’ll be posting later.

Small groups worked on Positive feelings and situations (collocations), but that was for about 45 minutes, I think, so we didn’t have a plenary on that. I’ll post the key, my favs, for your Useful Language, in case it helps, and then you can post your comments and questions, or ask in class.

Next we watched Friends, episode 2, season 1. And we had a half hour for language questions. But I’d like to exploit the script further, so next day please bring your copies. We’ll also do the dramatized reading.

People gave me all kinds of things, including summaries of their work! So I’m really grateful for that!

And Sergio got the prize! He took the roast chicken Martha, an Elementary student, brought for this group, too, today!

People, do prepare timed monologues if you like. This month we’ll be watching documentaries. We’ll continue next week with this!

I’ll be posting separately about politics and the viciousness of words, and also on Eve Ensler. Now, I’m starving! So I’m gonna make some soup, for a change!

Night night!

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