About your work this week for next week

Here is a list of things you could be doing:

  • Print the human rights declaration I prepared for you, to bring to class
  • Bring your collocations worksheet on positive feelings
  • Bring your copy of Friends episode 2 season 1
  • Listen to me reading the handout I gave you to expand on Story of Stuff (things we can do) as you read the handout. Listen twice: once to underline things you would’ve pronounced differently, and the other to collect UL for your teamwork next week on Story of Stuff.
  • Post your descriptions if you didn’t
  • Post minisagas
  • Gather info for me, about your work outside class in the past two months: list your mons, writings, listening log…
  • Read blog posts and Pages (notice Our Work in class by Month)
  • Listen to English: news, radio program(me)s; TV
  • Prepare a timed OP

Next week our lesson plan for Monday is:

  • correct collocations worksheet + Questions on Friends, and then watch + dramatized reading

Then, small groups on Story of Stuff, watching a neuroscience documentary in two days, one for note-taking and another to do a fill-in the gap activity. And… let me know what. Just now I simply can’t keep thinking on this! 😀 But we’ll be reading the human rights declaration and discuss issues.

PS: Before we part, you need to tell us the poem Wild Geese, too. I forgot!

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