Lesson Plan for Wednesday Nov 30

So the plan for next day is the following:

OP by Sergio

Checking your Collocation worksheets in small groups + Plenary for questions. (Remember to get the new copies if you didn’t before. Some spares are on the bulletin board.)

Friends, episode 2 season 1.

  1. Your Language Questions on the script – it’s here. Read it to underline them!
  2. Watching the episode (?) – if necessary
  3. Dramatized reading: 2 or 3 times, so that everybody can read. Repetition might be less exciting, but it will help you remember more lines (fluency, accuracy, sounding natural!)

We also have to create the Reading Club groups (Reading a Book/Screenplay Project), but if we don’t manage it next day, we could use Small Group time next week for this. Just let me know what you prefer!

And if you haven’t posted your descriptions, remember to do it this week!

For plans next week check out today’s diary. Plus, we’ll watch another documentary, on the development of human intelligence.

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