Useful Language Projects (teamwork)

Thank you so much for sending in your work. Thanks for writing on the subject line “Useful Language Project”. I could use the search engine and find it all!! ❤ If you find changes, that’s me! I’ve corrected mistakes at times (very few, congratulations!) and at times I’ve added things. If you don’t agree, just let me know!

The first project that was sent in needed some more work, because it was just the vocabulary, with no context. So I’ll add that project to our list here.

I’m linking this post up there, on our Page R / L: UL, OK?

And I have added ideas and examples, too, from lists other students or I did. One day, when I find the time (!!) all of this will be published on – Your Stuff!

  • ulforenvironmentalissues (1 Word page) – by Clara & Laura, on environmental issues
  • uclbyc1oct2016 (2 Word pages) – Useful Classroom Language, by Luz, Lorena, María José and Cristina B.
  • ultvclass (2 Word pages) – by Karen & Sergio, UL from TV series and language notes in class
  • ulforjobs (1 Word page) – by Sonia, Marina & Lucía, UL for Jobs

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