News on the C1 Resource Pack

Dear all,

Last Friday Ana, the janitor, Marianela, the head of studies and I drove to our printer (printing business) to check materials and sort out how to proceed next.

I hope you can all finish reading the pilot edition I sent you, because it’s full of ideas on how to organize yourselves and how to work this year. And I hope you can explain what you learn from the pack in a timed OP, and/or ask questions in class whenever.

Here is the cover I designed today. I’m totally overwhelmed with work, but have had a migraine these days (my neighbours have spent the last month making horrible noise early in the morning including weekends! and I’m reluctant to taking drugs, so I’m exhausted, really! Not a single day’s rest!!), so I haven’t finished checking your October writing assignments. I’ll try to have that ready for next Wednesday, so we can have C-Day the following week!

So do you like the outside of the box? How can I improve it?



  1. Oh, thanks so much! Amazing!! Hahahah… It’s funny how hard it is to read what it says and not what you think it says! I hope this mistake of mine illustrates how important is to be a good proofreader! 😀 ❤ Thanks again! I'll fix it before I forget!


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