LoM’s: Combining two sentences to make sentence structure richer / more varied /variid/

Based on a review on the book we read in class, written by Lucía. I hope you can send it in for publication, because it’s insightful and very enjoyable! ❤


What comes before:

Review of Ngozi’s We Should All Be Feminists
In this essay Ngozi Adichie offers a moST inclusive definition of feminism. Drawing on anecdotes from her adolescence and adult life, she attempts to strike down stereotypes and unpack the baggage usually associated with the term.

This book is a very short adaptation of the TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie of the same name, it’s a great introduction into the topic of feminism and gives a brief insight into how it can go unnoticed in society.

A short adaptation of a TED talk of Ngozi’s by the same name, this brief essay / We Should All Be Feminists is a great introduction to the topic of feminism and how sexism can go unnoticed in society. (Merging two sentences by means of noun or participle clauses. Can you find examples in your own writing? Can you merge two sentences by using this resource?)


  1. Hello Michelle


    This word was in the LOM´s, Is it correct?

    And do I have to do this work too?

    Thank you for all your advices.

    Karen Maier [Red rose]



  2. “Advice” has no plural form, OK? Say, “Thanks for your advice”, or if you want to use a plural use “tips” (consejillos)
    /variid/ is the pronunciation of “varied”. I included the transcription because people often mispronounce this word!
    This post is based on a mistake another student made, but I shared it because it’s a great opportunity to pose an important language point for C1 learners.
    See you!

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